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Preschool & Childcare

School Procedures

School Closings

School cancellations or general announcements due to inclement weather conditions or emergencies will be broadcast over local T.V. and Radio stations.

During times of inclement weather we will follow the same decision as the Clinton Community Schools for emergency school closings. This also includes the preschool and childcare programs. We encourage families to check local T.V. & radio stations for cancellations of sporting and other extra-curricular events.

Prince of Peace Preschool & Childcare Center

Child care students must be brought to the North Center entrance. For security the doors are locked at all times. Please ring the doorbell for a staff member. Parents need to sign their child in and out. The child will only be allowed to leave with authorized persons.

Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten students arrive at the North drive on the upper level. To ensure the safety of the children, a staff member will escort students to and from the building and vehicle. Children will be released only to authorized persons. If someone else is to pick up your child you must notify the office. If parents are unable to pick up their child promptly arrangements must be made with child care.

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