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Student Appearance

The importance of proper dress for Prince of Peace Catholic School students cannot be overstressed. The dress code and the traditions it conveys demonstrate our commitment to quality Catholic education. It is an expression of unity that eliminates materialistic competition and creates a sense of belonging that strengthens our academic focus and discipline.

The primary responsibility for complying with the dress code lies with the parents/guardians. Parental/guardian support and cooperation are needed.

The administration reserves the right to determine appropriateness of attire in relation to the dress code in particular instances.

Please read carefully and adhere to the following regulations:

  1. Clothing must always be clean and in good repair.

  2. See-through clothing is prohibited as well as clothing that is too tight, too baggy, clinging or too short.

  3. Jackets and sweatshirts without hoods (right side out) may be worn. Jackets or sweatshirts must be dress-code colors or Booster Club designs without hoods. Tops must be worn over a dress code shirt that is tucked in and has its collar showing.

  4. Hairstyles, tattoos, body piercing, jewelry and make up should be appropriate for a Catholic school and may be prohibited. Students in grades K-5 are not allowed to wear makeup.

  5. Slacks, shorts, or skirts with belt loops require a belt. K-2nd grade students are not required to have belts.

  6. Grades 6-12 Physical Education dress code: Plain white t-shirt or Booster t-shirts; plain black, navy or royal blue shorts (no stripes). The length of shorts must meet dress code guidelines as found in the handbook.

  7. School Dress Code enforcement begins when the first bell rings and ends when school is dismissed.

Kindergarten-12th Grade Dress Code

  1. Slacks: Students may wear only black, navy blue, tan, or khaki dress or corduroy slacks. Students may wear modest Capri length pants. No athletic style pants, cut offs, pajamas, bibs, leggings, jeggings stretch pants, or yoga pants are allowed.

  2. Shorts, skorts, and skirts: Students may wear only black, navy blue, tan, or khaki shorts, skorts or skirts. The bottom hem should be no more than two inches above the top of the knee. If there is a slit in the (garment), the top of the slit will be considered the height of the bottom hem. Leggings may be worn under skirts, skorts, shorts or jumpers. Khaki, black, navy, white or dark green tights may be worn. Shorts and skorts may only be worn during August, September, October, April, May and June. Cut-offs are not allowed.

  3. Jumpers: Students may wear only black, navy blue, tan, khaki or school plaid jumpers. Jumper hems must follow skirt guidelines.

  4. Shirts and Tops: Students may wear only solid color white, yellow, blue, gray or green short or long sleeved polos, oxford or turtleneck shirts. Small manufactured symbols or insignias are allowed. All shirts must be tucked into the waistband and collars must be visible. No sleeveless tops are allowed. Revealing necklines that expose cleavage are never appropriate.

  5. Fleece Tops, Sweaters and Sweatshirts: Students may wear fleece tops, sweaters, sweater vests or non-hooded sweatshirts (right side out) of any solid dress code color (white, yellow, blue, gray or green). The collar of an approved shirt must show. Shirts under fleece tops, sweaters and sweatshirts must be tucked in.

  6. Shoes:

    1. Grades K-5: Students must wear tennis shoes or street shoes (closed heel and toe shoes) for safety on the playground.

    2. Grades 6-12: Students must wear tennis shoes, street shoes, or sandals with a closed heel or heel strap. All students will be required to wear tennis shoes for gym class. No wheeled shoes or flip-flops are permitted.

  7. Socks: Socks must be a solid dress code color, khaki, black, navy, white or dark green. Striped or patterned socks are not allowed.

  8. Tights or Leggings: Students in grades K-5 may wear solid colored tights or leggings under skirts, jumpers or skorts of dress code colors, khaki, black, navy, white or dark green. Patterned tights or leggings are not allowed.

  9. Students may wear neck ties or bow ties with an appropriate dress shirt.

  10. Headwear: Scarves, hats or sweatbands are not appropriate dress code items.

  11. Booster Club items that meet dress code specifications (colors and no hoods) will be allowed.

  12. Game Day Attire: Teams must adhere to dress code on game days. A school jersey may be worn over an approved dress code shirt. In addition, the Girl Scouts may wear their sashes/vests with dress code shirts and the Boy Scouts may wear their uniform shirts on scout days.

  13. Special Days/Spirit Days: Periodically throughout the school year, and during finals, attire other than dress code will be allowed such as a jeans day. Jeans and T-shirts when allowed must be clean, in good repair, and avoid unacceptable brand names, images and words. Spirit Days; Irish clothing sold by the Booster Club may be worn on Spirit Days. Other sports wear is not allowed. Irish shirts may be worn with dress code pants/slacks.

  14. Only approved footwear is allowed.

  15. Tank tops, running tops, spaghetti straps, bare midriffs, tube tops, sleeveless undershirts, revealing necklines, exposed underwear or short shorts or pajamas are never appropriate.

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